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Bicycle Accidents

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney

Increased popularity of bike riding leads to more accidents involving bicyclists

Bicycle riding has become very popular in Los Angeles and not just for health conscious recreation but also as a means to commute to school and work and to protect the environment. Consequently, biking accidents are increasing in number. At National Choice Lawyers, our experienced lawyer knows how to properly evaluate your bicycle injury claim and maximize your compensation.

Biking accidents are often more serious than car accidents

A bicyclist is completely exposed to injury when struck by a vehicle increasing the possibilities for catastrophic head injuries. When involved in an accident with a car or truck, the bicycle or scooter rider experiences two distinct collisions in the accident, first with the vehicle and then with the ground.  Each of these two collisions causes different injuries. Head and spinal injuries are common in bike accidents. Catastrophic injuries or even death can also result from low speed accidents. Our skilled accident lawyer knows how to prove your case to get you the compensation you or your loved one deserves.

Talk to a knowledgeable Los Angeles personal injury lawyer for your scooter accident

If you or a member of your family has suffered personal injuries because of a scooter accident, you need an experienced Los Angeles accident lawyer. Our goal is to resolve your claim in your best interests quickly. Since there are potentially many obstacles to successfully resolving a bike accident claim, you need a skilled personal injury lawyer from National Choice Lawyers. Often drivers leave the scene not aware they had struck a bicyclist, or the driver is uninsured or only has minimum insurance coverage. An experienced and knowledgeable accident attorney can resolve any of the many complicated issues that can arise, such as:

  • Identifying sources of insurance coverage, including your own or your family’s car insurance, when a driver leaves the scene, is uninsured or only has minimal coverage
  • Access to experts to prove there was a collision and it was caused by the driver
  • Proving your injuries were caused by the crash through the use of expert witnesses

Rely on an excellent bike and scooter accident attorney in Los Angeles County

At National Choice Lawyers, we believe that you and your family matter. We are not a law mill, but rather provide you with the personal and individual attention you need and deserve. Call us for a free consultation at 877-375-8424 or contact us online.

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