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Truck Accidents

Los Angeles Trucking Accident Attorney Maximizes Your Compensation

Experienced semi-truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles gets you the results you deserve

There is a high incidence of tractor-trailer accident injuries in Los Angeles County. This is partly due to the congestion on the freeways and the large amount of manufacturing and commercial activity in the area. A skilled attorney from National Choice Lawyers has successfully represented many trucking accident victims and their families. Our bilingual staff cares for the community we serve. Our clients are satisfied with our work and continue to come back to us.

We have the knowledge to pursue your Los Angeles truck accident claim

Trucking accidents often result in very serious personal injuries. Accidents involving semi-trucks also can pose unique legal hurdles for claimants. Accidents involving tractor-trailers frequently involve negligent parties besides the other driver, such as:

  • Distinct and separate owners of the tractor and the trailer
  • Garages and companies that maintain and service the truck
  • Manufacturers of the tractor or the trailer
  • Manufacturers of safety equipment for the truck

These additional parties and their insurance carriers are possible additional sources of compensation for your injuries. In addition, there often are issues related to uninsured or underinsured drivers necessitating a skilled lawyer to deal with those complications so that you receive adequate compensation. Our accident lawyer has the skills and experience to identify all the potential defendants and insurance coverage in your trucking accident claim.

Our experience leads to a more effective resolution of your truck accident injury claim

The safety equipment of a truck’s tractor as well as its trailer often is the cause of truck accidents, much more frequently than in car or bicycle accidents.  States and the federal government regulate most semi-trucks and require periodic inspections and travel and maintenance logs. Oftentimes the key to winning a truck accident case is to prove that the trucking company breached safety regulations. Our experienced accident lawyer has access to the necessary experts to prove liability based upon possible safety equipment problems that may have contributed to causing your accident.

Work injuries related to tractor-trailer accidents

Truck drivers who were on the job at the time of the accident may not be limited solely to workers compensation benefits. We can determine whether there are other parties or insurance policies available to compensate you for your injuries in addition to workers compensation benefits, such as the other driver, the manufacturer or the company that maintained and serviced the truck.

Contact a trusted and experienced Los Angeles County truck accident lawyer

At National Choice Lawyers, we have the skills and knowledge to prosecute your claim effectively so that you can maximize your compensation. Phone us now at 877-375-8424 for a free initial consultation or contact us online.

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