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Uninsured Motorist

When Injured by an Uninsured Driver in Los Angeles County

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More than 6,000,000 Californians are driving uninsured on the public roads. Every driver in California is required to have adequate insurance coverage, or provide proof of financial responsibility, in order to operate a vehicle on the public roads. Yet approximately, 25%, one in four, of the drivers in California are driving while uninsured. If you are the victim of an uninsured driver, our personal injury lawyer at National Choice Lawyers will utilize his extensive knowledge and experience to identify insurance coverage that may be available to compensate you.

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An underinsured motorist is one whose insurance is not sufficient to cover your damages. California only requires a minimum insurance of $15,000 per injury or death of one person and a total of $30,000 per injury or death of more than one person. Your uninsured motorist insurance may cover your damages that exceed the limits of the at-fault driver’s coverage, depending on your own insurance policy limits. If you or a loved one was injured in any kind of uninsured or underinsured car accident or truck accident, contact an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney, at National Choice Lawyers.

What does uninsured motorist insurance?

Uninsured motorist insurance covers your family members who reside with you and may cover your children who live elsewhere. It also covers unrelated passengers or drivers of your vehicle. Uninsured motorist insurance also covers you or members of your family when you are not in your car when struck by an uninsured driver:

  • When you are a passenger in someone else’s car
  • While driving another’s car
  • Riding on a bicycle, motorcycle or scooter
  • Simply being a pedestrian

According to the Insurance Research Council, the recent economic downturn is a major factor in the increase in uninsured drivers. As unemployment rises, the number of uninsured drivers increases. The consequences of driving while uninsured in California are severe. An uninsured driver involved in an accident can have his or her license suspended for four years, and the State can suspend the registration of the vehicle.

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If an uninsured driver has injured you or a member of your family, you need to contact us. At National Choice Lawyers, we will vigorously represent your interests in any type of accident claim. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 877-375-8424 or contact us online.

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