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Occupational Disability Insurance

Occupational Disability Insurance

Have you been injured in a way that prevents you from performing the duties of your job?  Have you made, or are you considering making, a claim under your disability insurance policy?  Has your disability claim been denied?   If so, National Choice Lawyers is here to help you through the process and to fight for your rights and benefits.  Our consultation is always free of charge.

Many professionals are known to ‘work through the pain’ if they are suffering from a disabling condition even when they have paid the premiums for a disability insurance policy for many years.  They simply don’t feel they have any choice but to continue working.  But you do have a choice!

Common professionals that often pay for Occupations Disability Insurance:

  • Dentists
  • Doctors and Surgeons
  • Chiropractors
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Court Reporters
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Truck Drivers

Occupational accident insurance covers you if you suffer an on-the-job injury and are off work for an extended period of time.  Some policies will also cover non work-related injuries that prevent you from doing your job.  If you are suffering from an injury, the steps you take may impact whether your claim is approved or denied.  National Choice Lawyers can provide you with the advice you need if you are considering a claim.

You rely on your occupational disability insurance to replace the income you have lost if you have been injured.  Unfortunately, professionals who have diligently paid their disability insurance premiums for many years may have their claim denied, delayed or underpaid without good reason.  National Choice Lawyers can help you to ensure that you receive all of the disability benefits you are entitled to.  The denial of an initial claim does not mean you are not entitled to benefits; National Choice Lawyers may still be able to help you, but you cannot sit and wait.  You have to act fast to avoid legal limitation periods.

Ten key reasons why your disability insurance claim may not be successful:

  1. You fail to consult with a disability attorney.
  2. Accepting that your injuries are due to age.
  3. Reducing your work hours to deal with your injuries.
  4. Continuing to work through your injuries.
  5. Changing your job duties to deal with your injuries.
  6. Believing that your insurer medical examinations are “independent” and unbiased.
  7. Selling your practice or business before making your disability claim.
  8. Providing reduced values for your practice or business to a sales broker.
  9. Accepting a denial from your insurance company and ending your claim.
  10. You represent yourself in an insurance disability appeal.

We are proud to represent you in pursuing your claim to a successful resolution with competent legal representation.  At National Choice Lawyers, our team-driven approach enables you to get the best results possible, and your case is retained on a contingency fee basis, leaving you with minimized risk for pursuing your rights.

Call us now before it is too late.  Call 877-375-8424.

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