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Products Liability

Knowledgeable and Experienced Los Angeles Product Liability Attorney

Skilled personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles for every type of defective product claim

Product liability claims encompass every type of product, from consumer goods to cars to medicine. If a product injured you or a loved one, our product liability lawyer at National Choice Lawyers has access to the experts that are necessary to develop and prove a defective product claim. These experts can establish whether a product is defective and if it caused your injuries. We have extensive experience in product liability, as well as all other areas of personal injury law.

What qualifies as a product liability injury?

When a product causes a personal injury, there are several factors that we must considered before determining whether the injury was due to product liability, including:

  • Whether the product is dangerous even when used normally and how it was designed to operate.
  • Whether the product was poorly made or improperly designed products.
  • Whether the manufacturer failed to provide adequate instructions or warnings on the safe operation of the product.

We have national access to the experts such as engineers and safety experts usually needed to establish these factors.

Strict liability applies to many product liability claims

Strict liability in defective product cases can hold manufacturers, distributors and dealers liable for your injuries without having to prove they were negligent. The strict liability concept can apply to many types of products, including:

  • Cars, trucks and ATVs
  • Household and workplace tools
  • Household appliances
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Consumer goods

Defective medical products, such as medications and implants, may also come under the strict liability rule in some cases. To determine whether you have a product liability claim, consult with an experienced injury attorney at National Choice Lawyers, also serving Los Angeles.

In order to prove a case of strict product liability, you need to establish:

  • The product was defective and unreasonably dangerous
  • Your personal injury and damages were caused by the defect
  • The dangerous defect was not open and obvious

Contact a trusted Los Angeles products liability lawyer

At National Choice Lawyers, our experience in defective product claims gives us the insight as to how best to proceed with your personal injury claim. We have a bilingual staff that cares about you and your claim. Call us for a free initial consultation at 877-375-8424 or contact us online.

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