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Injured at Work? Contact a California Workers Compensation Lawyer

Los Angeles County occupational injury lawyer gets you results

If you have been injured at work, don’t try to negotiate with the insurance carrier and your employer alone. At National Choice Lawyers, our experienced lawyer and bilingual staff know the ins and outs of work accident claims. The insurance representatives represent the interests of your employer and the insurance company and have no obligation to advise you of your compensation and medical rights. That is why you need to contact us to protect your rights and determine what other damages you may be entitled to receive.

You may not be limited to workers compensation benefits when injured on the job

Workers compensation is a system designed to enable injured workers to receive medical treatment and compensation quickly without the necessity of proving that their employer negligently caused their injuries. In return for the not having to prove negligence, workers are severely limited in the amount and type of workers compensation damages they can receive.

However, workers can pursue claims against negligent parties who caused their accidental injuries so long as that party is not the employer. An injured worker can therefore file personal injury claims including:

  • Personal injury claim against a negligent driver who caused an auto accident that occurred on the job
  • Medical malpractice claim if you were negligently injured by a doctor, hospital or clinic while being treated for your work comp injuries
  • Toxic tort claim for chemical exposure from a source other than your employer

The importance of contacting an experienced San Fernando workers compensation lawyer

The laws on workers compensation in California have recently changed in 2012 and will likely continue to change. You cannot rely on your employer or fellow workers to inform you accurately of your rights. You certainly cannot rely upon the insurance representative.

In order to protect your rights to medical and compensation benefits, contact a skilled injury lawyer at National Choice Lawyers as soon after your accident as possible. We will take the time to fully examine your claim and advise you on your rights and benefits as well as lead you through the mass of procedures to obtain the treatment and compensation to which you are entitled. We will also determine whether you may have a third party claim outside of the workers compensation system.

Trusted workers compensation attorneys in Los Angeles

At National Choice Lawyers, we are not a law mill. We have the experience to help you maximize your compensation. We also take the time to treat you right. Call us now for a free initial consultation at 877-375-8424 or contact us online.

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