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Wrongful Death

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney You Can Trust

Experienced and compassionate accidental death attorney

When an accidental death results from a personal injury, the claim for damages is called a wrongful death action.  At National Choice Lawyers, we have the knowledge and compassion to represent families of accidental death victims successfully. Our bilingual staff devotes their time and energy to our clients and to the success of their claims.

What damages are available to families of accidental death victims?

The types of damages a surviving family can recover for wrongful death differ from non-fatal accidental injuries as set forth under California law. Only specific claimants, normally the legal heirs of the victim, can bring a wrongful death action. They must file a lawsuit no later than two years after the accident date in most cases. If a lawsuit is not timely filed, except for some exceptions, there is usually no possibility of recovering compensation.

The types of damages that they can recover in an accidental death case include:

  • Economic support the victim would have provided the claimant
  • Gifts and benefits that would have been given to the claimant had there been no death
  • Household services the victim would have provided
  • Loss of training and guidance expected to have been provided to the claimant by the accidental death victim
  • Loss of love and companionship, comfort and care and other attributes of familial and spousal relationships that would have been expected from the victim

Our experienced personal injury lawyer has access to the necessary experts to prove the monetary value of the damages in order to maximize the claim.

Rely on our skilled wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles to succeed in your claim

When death results from medical malpractice or product liability, our capable personal injury attorney provides conscientious and thorough representation with access to the necessary experts to prove your claim. In truck, bicycle and auto accidents that result in death, we get the results you deserve and need.

Work place accidents that result in death may not be limited to workers compensation benefits. We have the experience and knowledge to identify other sources of compensation, such as from a defective product manufacturer or from an at-fault party to an accident other than the employer.

Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys serving Los Angeles County & California

At National Choice Lawyers, we put our heart and soul into representing our clients. We are not a law mill, but rather provide you with personal attention throughout your claim. Call us now for a free consultation at 310-694-2255 or contact us online.

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